Brian exhibited outstanding ability to understand the technical material and communicate it in an extraordinary manner--I thought, erroneously, that he actually was an expert in my own field! Moreover, he has an almost uncanny knack for saying in only a handful of words what others may say (and less clearly) in several paragraphs.

Brian. . . had the patience to teach me how to improve my writing skills. Dr. Mustain provided strong leadership and direction throughout the project but was always willing to listen and compromise and work as a team player.

John C. Griffin, M.Sc.
Fitness and Lifestyle Management Program
George Brown College

I felt extremely happy and comfortable with the interactions Dr. Mustain had both with me and with the other contributors. He raised appropriate questions and suggested changes in ways that did not inappropriately challenge the physicians/scientists whose work the book presents. Dr. Mustain demonstrated the ability to accurately interpret a large mass of scientific and clinical information, and to write in clear prose that enables even those who are not experts in the various fields to comprehend the material. I would not hesitate to work with Dr. Mustain again.

Walter R. Frontera, M.D., Ph.D.
Chairman, and Earle P. and Ida S. Charlton Professor
Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
Harvard Medical School

Chief, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital
Massachusetts General Hospital and Brigham & Women’s Hospital

Mr. Mustain’s educational background in the biological sciences makes his. . . work particularly useful for authors in this area, as his technical expertise enables him to speak/write their language.

Brian Mustain is a man of integrity, who sets high standards for himself and his associates. Authors who work with Mr. Mustain know that he always gives his best on their behalf, and are thereby encouraged to work diligently and cooperatively on their writing projects. Based on my excellent experiences working with Brian Mustain, I recommend him highly as a technical writer who will bring out the best efforts of his authors.

Wayne L. Westcott, Ph.D., C.S.C.S.
Fitness Research Director
South Shore YMCA
Quincy, Massachusetts

Mr. Mustain was assigned the task of writing the first drafts of virtually all of the chapters, sometimes with little input from me. I was amazed at how much information he was able to utilize just from his own references and the Internet. . .

He writes extremely well and is quite resourceful. I would not hesitate to ask him again to help with a similar project should the need arise. He is very knowledgeable about scientific writing and was instrumental in getting our project completed. . . I highly recommend Brian Mustain for writing similar biologically or scientifically oriented projects.

Gregory L. Landry, M.D.
Professor of Pediatrics and Sports Medicine
University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health

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